Monday, February 28, 2011

Early prog house from Vinyl Blair

Steve Jones & William Nastri (aka Billy Nasty) made a number of choice harder edged progressive tunes together in the early 90s - one day I'll post some of their work as
Shi-Take on Zoom...

Billy's early claim to fame as an up and coming DJ was to attempt to mix out of Hardfloor's "Acperience 1" at the main breakdown at some techno event not long after the track had been released. Seems Billy didn't consider the track worthy of a full run; however some of the (male? intoxicated? drug fueled?) punters disagreed and got around to the decks to physically right the wrongs. I suspect that after this brush with danger, Billy has forever after not fucked with "Acperience 1". But I digress.

Here we have 2 releases on Leftfield's Hard Hands label; "The Trancespotter / Scratch N Sniff" from 1993 has it's moments, but I think "Horsework" (1994) is the better release, and the title track is about my favorite of any of their work. Good, dark progressive house with a bit of drive and direction; a mental breakdown and lots of little noises in the mix.

A1 The Trancespotter (Turbo
     Nation Trance Groove)
B1 Scratch N Sniff (The One
     Billion Dub Mix)

Vinyl Rip _ 320kbps MP3 ...mediafire

A1 Horsework (Vinyl's Source Radish Mix)
B1 Dope (Vinyl's Green Gold Mix)

Vinyl Rip _ 320kbps MP3 ...mediafire


  1. Nice blog, cool oldskool tunes, thanks. Only 1 problem archive HAND014T corrupted :-( Can you repack it? Thanks in advance & good luck!

  2. Yes its ok now! Many thanks :-)

  3. Horsework is a wonderful tracks,
    thanks for reactivate my memories