Friday, April 29, 2011

Best R&S track?

Come on guys!

No one's suggested an alternative for my favourite R&S tune yet... Must be pre-94 old skool (nothing past 1993 please). Only other requirement is that you can't nominate "Dominator" because it is shit.

I do want your thoughts on this  - maybe 17+ years of hindsight has promoted some of less famous tunes to classic status...


  1. Sven Van Hees-Emotional Rehabilitation?

  2. Model 500 - I Want To Be There

  3. My favourite record was the Brooklyn Beats compilation, but my favourite track was Sub-Bass Experience from Beltram Volume II

  4. A track from RS 9125 DHS - the house of god, Track C1-bad acid

  5. Jaydee's "Plastic Dreams" is up there. Although C.J. Bolland's "Camargue" is far more interesting.

  6. I'm with you on Parameter, one of the first R&S tracks I heard...honorable mentions go to Emotional Rehabilitation by Sven Van Hees or Absence of Malice by Mundo Muzique

  7. pre 94
    Cee-Jay – The Ravesignal 1,2 &3
    Spectrum – Brazil
    Surburban Knight – The Art Of Stalking (orig on transmat)
    Voodoo Child – Voodoo Child
    Radical Rob – Monkey Wah
    Golden Girls – Kinetic


  8. I still listen to this one alot

    Fingers Inc-Im Strong 1988
    Check it out

  9. Late contribution to this discussion, however my money would be on Resistance D "My Def" running neck and neck with Horsepower for the populist vote. But for me these were played so often, the love has waned.

    The personal faves pre-94, that have endured for me are:

    Breaks / experimental
    - Didgeridoo by Aphex Twin

    - Mental Vision by Afrotrance

    - The Omen by Program 2 & Beltram

    - We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin mix) by Mescalinum United

    ...however my fave R&S of all time is a 94 release, and that's Point Blank - the Meng's Theme remix. A record that blends grit, dirt and distortion with such beautiful raw emotion that it tugs at my soul every time I hear it.

    R&S was a true pioneering label for electronica.