Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trust In 6 - Life In Ecstasy (Instrumental Mix) (1990)

Picked this up in a second hand record shop in Seattle in '94 at the height of grunge rock. Couldn't believe my luck; and I think it only cost a few dollars to boot.

I had got the vocal mix on that very fine 1991 compilation Techno Trax; a very decent introduction to German techno trance. But to be honest, it is very rare techno that sounds good with a vocal over the top - rarer still if the vocal is male and exponentially rarer still if they are singing or talking in German - I can only think of one successful example, Konzept's "Hypnotic Beats" (according to Mijk van 'Microglobe' Dijk, the lyrics are pretty silly, but since I can't speak German all I can go by is that they sound pretty cool).
I can't think of any successful examples of a German singing in English, let alone the singer being a man. Hence, the problem for the vocal mix of "Life In Ecstasy"...

So no vocal mix here, just the instrumental. And what a top tune too, an all time favourite. Very strong and energetic, with a wicked synth line that comes out of a swooshing intro. Quite a mental climax too.

Life In Ecstasy (Instrumental Mix)

Vinyl Rip _ 320kbps MP3 ...mediafire



    Roughly translated....

    ?? Youth "What is Techno"
    ??(uncle mebbe)shouts "I dont know ask yer grandpa"
    Youth "Grandpa (opa) what is techno"
    Opa (shouting louder all the time "WHAT IS TECHNO, WHAT IS TECHNO..." enter the beats. The speaking bit is longer on different mixes especially later more hardcore ones. Some of the funniest German accents are on mock hiphouse trax, theres a wonderful set of downloads on a Romanian site of self made Hip-House compilations ( the 1st ten or so feature all the greats, Then they start doing Euro country specific comps, The UK equits its self OK with Norman Cook, Rebel MC, Homeboy-Hippy-FunkyDredd, Dirty Cash etc... The Dutch and Belgans pull it off cos they've got the best musicians and producers... Then theres the 2/3 German comps... After SNAP its ALL VERY VERY DOWNHILL unless youre leary mancunian father married a german bird (yeah me mum) not long after WW2, In which case they are bloody hilarious. The compilers really really scrape the barrel, they include german rap songs about bier!! oh and that bloody awful edelweiss tune that was recorded by the dude who read KLFs book and followed the formula... Twin Hype and Doug Lazy are apparently not ammused. PS MANY MANY THANKS for all the cracking out of print tunes. Oh and thanks for using mediafire. Take Care

  2. back in the early 90's I was partying with techno addicts, among them was a salesman from "champs disques", the famous vinyl shop on Champs-elysées (Paris). Needless to say, I got hundreds of techno songs on tapes, vinyls, cds and know pretty everything that was worth listening in the decade.
    Nowaday, I feel most of this stuff sounds like "stupid crap" except a very very limited number of songs.
    "Life in ecstasy" is one of this cherished records....
    Atahualpa: ulitimo imperio is another one
    And of course TechnoBert "Neue dimensionen" ......
    yes..believe's from 1990