Friday, January 27, 2012

Datura - Devotion

Datura is a plant, used by the more spiritual cultures as a mind opener for ages before our time. If eaten by today's recreational drug adventurers the toxicity of the plant could kill, but if it doesn't, will almost definitely provide a very heavy, unpleasant and even rather rough trip. A couple of friends of mine ate some datura flowers years ago and then went clubbing. One of them became dead certain that he was back home in his mum's house and spent a vast amount of energy trying to get a whole night club to shut up so they would not wake her. Funny for those there - except him. Moral to the story: don't try it.

Datura are also a pop trance outfit hailing from Italy. They put a lot of effort into some kind of pseudo-Hindu shamenistic identity, trying to be identified as coming from a place closer to Goa than Bologna. But no amount of trippy label artwork, or alignment with a record label called Trance Records, could disguise that these guys were anything except underground trance.
They were hugely successful, though I would consider 95% of their output as rubbish.
Including most of 1993's "Devotion". It came in 6 mixes, most with Billy Ray Martin wailing across them - what mixes you got depended on which imprint you bought.
If you got the 12" LSD014 (trippeeee) from Trance Records, you were in luck and got an instrumental, which is actually quite a good piece of pumping trance. Maybe a bit digital sounding (as compared to organic), but I don't mind. Just as Ramirez only produced one good track (the DJ Ricci mix of "La Musica Tremenda"), the good is almost enough to counter the bad.

If you want to check out the rest of Datura's discography, go to their site here. But the moral to this story is probably not to bother.


B1   Devotion (Jivan Mukta)

Vinyl Rip _ 320kbps MP3 ...mediafire

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