Saturday, March 10, 2012

Frankie Bones live in the Midlands, 1990.

Look, this mix is available almost everywhere - all I've done is clean up the audio a little bit. But for anyone who was there - or anyone who wasn't but wants to know just how good a time we had in 1990, this is THE mix to listen to. Granted, the tracks are pretty much all good; granted, the mixing is not so good - Frankie was playing in a massive shed after all - but listen to his commentary. I'm not from the UK rave scene, but this is as close as I can remember to the carefree, party only vibe that existed back then (even if on the other side of the world).

Lots of stuff goes down during his set, and for the most part it is great.

Back in the sixties, there was a similar youth freedom movement, but for all the fun they had, there was also the dead fall of Vietnam, racial equality and bad acid to kill the vibe. In '89-90 (depending on geography), we had no war, we just wanted to get loose and party.

This mix is a soundtrack to THAT party.

22 years later : get on it.

Digital Download (from cassette)_ 256kbps MP3 ...mediafire

Tracklisting here

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