Saturday, March 10, 2012

Old Skool Mixes wanted

OK kids, I've got a new radio show on Melbourne's only 100% Dance Music radio station: KISS 97.6 FM. Every Sunday I dig through the crates to play some true golden oldies from around 1990 (give or take).
I only have one rule, if I play it once, you won't hear it again. With 40,000 + tracks on my hard drive it would be wrong to just hit repeat...
Also, since it's on air Sunday mornings from 10.30am-12.00noon, I try and steer clear of banging techno and hoover rave - I'd much prefer to play some deep, bleepy techno or Balearic house really.

You can check out all the shows including their tracklistings and download links on the show's mixcloud page. Only 3 weeks in, but getting there...

Now, here's the thing.
As much as I am confident in my track selection (as only a true narcissist can be), I really do enjoy hearing other people's mixes. So as much as it is, I offer 27 minutes of air time on Kiss FM Melbourne to anyone who can provide me with a great old skool mix.

These are the rules:
1. your mix will be at least 27 minutes long; but anything longer will probably be cropped (so don't leave your best till last)
2. it will be comprised of music circa 1990 - give or take a few years
3. you will not play the same shite as me or any of my contemporaries does
4. it will not include such over-used classics as Gat Decor's "Passion" or Bizarre Inc's "Playing With Knives"
5. it will not include any shite by acts such as 2 Unlimited
6. it will be suitable for radio play on a Sunday morning (I know, the temptation to go all Satanic is strong, but you must be stronger)
7. your mix will be well composed, mastered, and pretty much just sound good from start to finish.
8. you are not playing for a dance floor so feel free to put in any track that works for you: ambient, electro, techno, house... the more different, kooky or out there the better. Refer to rules 1-7.
9. you will provide a link to a 320kb + file and track listing.
10. I will listen to everything, and play ALL the quality mixes on my show, even if I don't like them.

That's it really, get to the crates people...

And if you don't reside in Melbourne, you can always listen to Kiss online or on your phone. Just go here.


  1. Those mixes are effing brilliant!!

    I do hope to give you a few myself when I get the decks set loads of cool tracks for you...thanks

  2. Checkout my blog there's some mixes on there plus i got loads I'm original old skooler DJ

    1. sorry here's the Link:

    2. Thanks - can't be recorded off the radio mate; must be broadcast quality, 320kb mp3 is the minimum.
      Prefer you mixed me up something special than just giving me something you've already played.
      Also, I try not to play the same track twice on my show so would prefer you hit me with some of your more obscure, but quality cuts.
      Hope you are still interested though - looking forward to getting something soon...