Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Very Early Will-E-Tell Mixtape (1991)

Recorded at his mum's house in Camberwell, it's typical early Will party music.
For the uninitiated, Will was one of Melbourne's rave DJ pioneers – and possibly also it's first superstar DJ; and this is the earliest tape I have of his, mid 1991 I think. Programming and mixing is pretty tight, but why he put “Another Sleepless Night” on half way through the "Mind Fuck" side beats the shit out of me.

Full-On Mix (cassette recording, 128kb) mediafire
Collapse - My Love (Ambient Drops). City Beat, UK (1991)
Frank De Wulf - The Tape (Remix). Music Man, Belgium (1990)
Bizarre Inc. - Playing With Knives. Vinyl Solution, UK (1991)
The Prodigy - Android. XL Recordings, UK (1991)
Space Trax - Atomic Playboy. Stealth, Netherlands (1991)
Spectrum - Brazil. R & S, Belgium (1990)
Beltram - My Sound. R & S, Belgium (1991)
D-Shake - My Heart, The Beat. Go Bang! Records, Netherlands (1991)
Capella - Everybody. Media, Italy (1990)
Spectrum - Spectral. R & S, Belgium (1990)

Head Fuck Mix (cassette recording, 128kb) mediafire
Spectrum - Amplification (Lenny Dee & Eric Kupper Remix). R & S, Belgium (1991)
Modular Expansion - Eliminator. Music Man, Belgium (1990)
Second Phase - Mentasm. R & S, Belgium (1991)
Shawn Christopher - Another Sleepless Night. Arista, USA (1990)
The Untouchables - Yeah C'mon
Beltram - Energy Flash. Transmat, USA (1990)
The Untouchables - Trippin'
Juno - Soul Thunder. Basic, UK (1990)


  1. Nice 1 fella -

    missing trax are from the same twelve -


    after Shawn = The Untouchables - Yeah C'Mon
    after Beltram = The Untouchables - Trippin'

  2. Hey Bunkerheadz, thanks for the ID - appreciated.

  3. =] awesome old mix! Never heard of Will-E-Tell but he sure had great mixing skills... 1991!!1

    1. Just a local old fuck but a man of legend. True story; I knew Will as an acquaintance but he still knows my name. My wife (who is 7 years my junior) knew him and was one of his 'groupies' well before I met her. Will-e-tell rocked like a mother fucker from the early 90s until well into the naughties. Top bloke too. It was pretty funny watching my wife get all giggly sitting at the same table as him at the blogger's wedding.

  4. Never heard of Willie!!

  5. Even god couldn't write a play list like the full on mix. Good on ya for electronicising it for us all ya stupid old cunt.