Tuesday, June 8, 2010

YO3 - Deep Sleep EP (1994)

It’s mostly what some cunts might call IDM here; lots of ambient textures and abstract beats – not bad music at all, and not too different from Beaumont Hannant’s usual output as far as I know. 
But on the B side you get “Scramble”, a pretty simple rave track probably knocked together in a couple of hours. But fuck me if it isn’t brilliant big room techno to make you dance, with some mighty fine percussive rhythms. Best played fast (+4 or more), and don’t mix into it’s intro. Yes, it is that good.

A1 - Deep Sleep
A2 - Scramble
B1 - Liquid Flow
B2 - No More Lies

Vinyl Rip _ 320kbps MP3 ... mediafire


  1. Hey there,
    Scramble is a fucking awesome tune, I just picked it up on vinyl
    What's the password for this file?

  2. Don't suppose you've got Bitter Sweet have you?

  3. sorry, don't have the album - but it's on my list to track down some day...

  4. thank you a milion times for this,i can get enought of listening deep sleep. this track is years ahead of it s time.