Thursday, July 8, 2010

One Month And Counting...

Right; so far so good. Appears that a few folks out there have found their way to this blog of mine, so thanks for the interest. Have got a little bit of feedback too which is great - more is always welcome.
It appears the most interest so far has been in Will's old mixtape; I am trying to track down some more, but it appears a lot of silly muppets have thrown away their analogue recordings without converting to a digital file first... pity. If anyone has any they think might be of interest to others, please contact me and I'll take care of the transfer, clean up and uploading. Anyone with early Richie Rich, David Carbone, (etc. etc.) also get in touch. Nothing post 1992 though!!!

As an aside, one of my favourite blogs has called it quits. Order To Dance had a massive collection to share, and for those who missed it - bad luck. You can still view his blog though (without being able to download), and if you like what you see drop him a line and try to get to him to change his mind about ending it.

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