Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mixtape - "Another Hard House Experience".

1995 and I put out this promo mix tape. I still think it’s about my best work. I remember spending ages on track selection and programming, but I think I got the actual mix down in one take on tape on only the first or second try. My mixer was pretty simple, 2 channel faders and nothing else, so don’t expect any fancy FX work.
As is usual for me, it’s a mix of pumping progressive house, techno and rave music. Music to dance to, not trance out to. Me and my mates called it hard house because no other genre fitted it at the time, but that was before the likes of Tony Di Vit came along and claimed ‘hard house’ for themselves. Have a listen and decide what it is for yourself; get back to me with your imaginative genre ideas at
. Winners notified by registered mail. Or not.

side a ... Download @ 128kbps here: mediafire
1. Marine Boy - Creation, Light, Energy. Total Music, UK (1994)
2. Sublime - TGV (Paris-Marseille Mix). Limbo, UK (1994)
3. Epik - The Blob. Chug N Bump Records, UK (1994)
4. Circle City - Moments Of Inertia. Warp Records, UK (1993)
5. MikeroBenics - Julika (Comes Too Late Mix). Harthouse, Germany (1994)
6. Melt - Be Liquid (Transformer 2 Remix).  DFC (1993)
7. F.W. Noie - The Original Movement. Opium, UK (1994)
8. Richard Brown - Flange-O-Matic. Tippy Tappy Bollocks, UK (1994)
9. Lekker Vet - Fuzzy Logic. Whoop, UK (1994)
10. Epik - Driver. Chug N Bump Records, UK (1994)
11. Whitestorm - Bongos And B-Line. Bedhopper Recordings, UK (1994)

side b ... Download @ 128kbps here: mediafire
1. Whitestorm - Bongos And B-Line (Bedhopper Recordings, UK 1994)
2. unknown
3. Esco B - Free Your Mind (Oscilator, Belgium 1993)
4. Ultrahigh - Primitive Love (Force Inc. Music Works, Germany 1994)
5. Marine Boy - Creation, Light, Energy (Total Music, UK 1994)
6. Man With No Name - Teleport (Dragonfly, UK 1994)
7. Vinyl Blair - Horsework (Hard Hands, UK 1994)
8. Shi-Take - Don't Look Back In Anger (Zoom, UK 1994)
9. Stereogen - Hi-Q (Vinyl Addiction, UK 1992)
10. Marine Boy - Fluid (Ohm, UK 1994)
11. Clockwork - Supplanter (X-Gate Records, UK 1994)

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