Friday, September 3, 2010

Coming party: Arm In Arm 5 - November 19, 2010

OK kids - been a bit slack with the posts, but I've uploaded a fair wack of trax for your attention so I just need to pass on the links with a few comments....

But first, a message from our sponsors.

Anyone in Melbourne (Australia) on November 19, is invited to the next installment of the Arm In Arm old skool parties, organised by fellow rave veteran Seth Taylor - who really does do these for love and not the money. They're small parties and everyone there is into the vibe. 
I'll be playing not too late and not too early - which means I get to knock out some pretty uptempo house and techno. I've already started picking choons, but when you've got 20,000 tracks on your computer and only 1 hour to play you can bet it will be top shelf all the way. All I can say is thank you Ableton for making it possible to cram so much into so little time. More AiA5 information here, and expect some promo mixes from me shortly there too...

Here's a little bit of info from Seth himself to get you in the mood:

This time around we are again focusing on the little things th
at make an old skool event feel like you’ve truly stepped back in time. The lasers are back, the strobes are back, the smoke machine will be pumping, all of which is guaranteed to give you a full acid flashback experience. So if you only go out once this year, make sure you don’t miss Arm in Arm 5. Don’t risk the pain and mental torment of thinking forevermore, “if only....?”.

Tickets are only 20 bucks - less if you get an early bird. See you there guys.

Oh, and here is me live at the last party... Live @ Arm In Arm 4

Intro, "If you haven't danced yet..."
Toxic Two, Rave Generator (Brooklyn Remix) (Dancefloor, USA, 1992)
Shi-Take, Don't Look Back In Anger (Road Rash Club) (Zoom, UK, 1994)
Avenue, Ice Cubes (Beat Box International,Belgium, 1991)
Twin Hype, For Those Who Like To Groove (Hollywood Sweat Mix) (Profile, USA, 1989)
Eddie Flashing Fowlkes, [R-t] (Tresor, Germany, 1992)
Mr. Monday, Future (Elevation Inc., UK, 1990)
Me And Jack, Viva House, Jack, UK, 1993.
A Homeboy, A Hippy & A Funky Dredd, Total Confusion (Confusion Mix), Tam Tam, UK, 1990.
Cosmic Enterprises, Tao Nonstop, White Label, Germany, 1991.
Energy 52, State Of Mind, WEA Music, Germany, 1991.
Bomb The Bass, Beat Dis, Rhythm King, UK, 1987.
Neverland, Mato Grosso (Marco Biondi Mix), Dance And Waves, Italy, 1990.
Underground Resistance featuring Yolanda, Living For The Nite (For The Feeling), Underground Resistance, USA, 1991.
Underground Resistance featuring Yolanda, Living For The Nite (For The Music), Underground Resistance, USA, 1991.
Gordon Edge, S. F. Acid Mix, Edge, UK, 1992.
New Order, Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone 12" Mix), Factory, UK, 1986.
Frank De Wulf, The Tape (Remix), Music Man, Belgium, 1991.
E-Trax, Let's Rock, Dance Street, Germany, 1991.
Underground Resistance, Jupiter Jazz, Underground Resistance, USA, 1992.
Martin Luther King Junior, I Have A Dream, USA, 1963.
Rhythim Is Rhythim, Strings Of Life, Transmat, USA, 1987.
Wood Allen, Airport '89 (Club Mix), BCM, Germany, 1989.  
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era, Far Out, Suburban Base, UK, 1991.
Shut Up & Dance, Lamborghini, Shut Up & Dance, UK, 1989.
Together, Hardcore Uproar (Boom Mix), FFRR, UK, 1990.
Together, Hardcore Uproar, FFRR, UK, 1990.
Digital Boy, OK!Alright, Trance Mission, Belgium, 1990.
Digital Boy, OK!Alright (Luca Ciberspace Remix), Flying, Italy, 1991.    
The Prodigy, Android, R & S, Belgium, 1991.
Techno Grooves, Techno Slam, Stealth, Netherlands, 1991.

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