Saturday, September 4, 2010

Human Beings - The Matrix / Euromancer (1992)

Forget "Euromancer" - it's the trance gem "The Matrix" where it's at. I always imagined it as one of those tunes to play late in the morning when folks are just a bit too spangled. But I can't remember actually hearing it out until New Year's Eve '95 when Laurent Garnier played it late in the night at Hardware 6 - when I was a bit too spangled. And yes, it had exactly the effect I imagined it would.

25.02.11 Update
Allert Aalders of the Human Beings has posted most (if not all) of his releases on Bandcamp; downloadable in any format you want - at no monetary charge. As such, it is only fair that you support him and my download link has been updated. If you check "The Matrix" then please check his other tunes too. Thanks Allert for the effort, it's appreciated.

A1 The Matrix
B1 Euromancer

Vinyl Rip _  ... bandcamp

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  1. Now busy uploading to Hope to have the whole Human Beings catalog up there soon, including unreleased tracks. Thanks for your story, nice to know Laurent Garnier also played us in NY :) I knew he liked the track.

    Allert Aalders
    Human Beings