Sunday, September 12, 2010

Xpansions - Elevation (1990/1991)

There are quite a few versions of this track listed on Discogs, but I think my vinyl is the best. Problem is it is not listed on the site so I'm not even sure whether its an original version from 1990 or a remix from '91. No matter - you get 2 very good mixes here, both quite similar - just different arrangements and break position really.
I actually didn't like this track that much when it came out; it seemed a bit commercial to me (pinching it's bassline from s'xpress didn't help). Also, it got a lot of play at Melbourne Tuesday night clubbing institution Savage @ Chevron (who's music tended towards the more commercial end of house) and this may have helped to work against it. Didn't stop me buying the vinyl though.
Anyway, a year or too later, I heard it out while very stoned, and the record made total sense to me; has done ever since. A true moment of audio ecstasy, my only gripe is that the synth stabbing break was never long enough.

"Move your body higher, hi - hi - higher"

A1 Xpansions - Elevation (Club Mix)
A2 Xpansions - Elevation (Other Mix)

Vinyl Rip _ 320kbps MP3 ... mediafire

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