Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Major Problems - City Under Siege (1990)

Nu Groove. The underground label of 1990/91. 

So much a product of its time, I doubt if it would work these days - such a diverse output of music. Everything from faggy house beat to mind bending techno. In hindsight, it could only have come out of New York; yet it made its way around the world to inspire us white kids here in Australia - who would have thought?
I've got many Nu Groove releases - treasured bits of plastic that they are. So which to post, and what first? Well, with a nod to my old dance buddy Craig E M (who named his sound system after them), lets post some Lenny & Ralphie Dee - aka Major Problems - and their first release together on Nu Groove, "City Under Siege".
As the title suggests, three pieces of quality, fucked up New York techno.

Much more Nu Groove to come folks...........

A1 Murder (25 To Life Mix)
B1 Arson (4 Count Version)
B2 Manslaughter (First Degree Mix)

Vinyl Rip _ 320kbps MP3 ... dmca deleted.

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