Thursday, November 3, 2011

808 State release Blueprint

I think it is to celebrate 21 years since the release of ninety, or maybe they just wanted some more cash/recognition. Either way, the boys (mostly Graham Massey probably) have decided to release a sort of greatest hits, but with some of the choons reworked or remixed. Thankfully, they've stayed true to their leftfield techno roots and there's no audible sign of any electro house sellout. Or UB40.

The've had the good sense not  to touch "Pacific State" - it's already had more goes at it than Tori Black - and some tracks like "Firecracker" have just been tweaked enough to keep them lively; the rehash of "In Yer Face" ain't nothing too special, but "Cobra Bora" and "Cübik" have had the full benefit of remix love bestowed upon them and the results are good. "Cobra Bora" keeps the same structure as the original but reworks the phrases - I really like it.
There's even a few new tracks - "Spanish Ice" is pretty good vintage 808 State. Oh, and for those who missed it, there is Aphex Twin's 2001 rework of "Flow Coma": relentless acid house to fuck you up proper.

You can read a review and preview tracks here, but I'm not linking any downloads for something that just got released. There's also another remix of "Cübik" you can download for free from 808 State's own site here.

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  1. you gotta love the state, saw them last year at the electric picnic and they were the highlight of the weekend for me and my band of 'nearly 40 and should know better but just cant stop raving' merrymen. respect is due.