Saturday, November 19, 2011

Corker Number One - Prisoners of Ecstasy (1992)

Forget about the American rave remixes, what you want here is the nearly 12 minute long trance mix, a blinding piece of scorching early 90s acid, produced by the German trio of Jörg Burger (The Modernist), Ingmar Koch (Air Liquide) and Wolfgang Voigt (Mike Ink; co-founder of Kompakt records). These guys must have had a hundred plus aliases/projects between them, I don't know how they kept up with everything organisationally - but they are German after all...

A female voice breathes 'We're prisoners of ecstasy" and a gentle washing intro is overcome by the TB-303. When the claps begin you know you're in for a serious workout, and once the kik drum commences the track really begins to pump. There's lots of freaky synth sounds filling out the mix and also the hysterical screams of some bird (who may be supposed to represent the throws of ecstasy, but more than not just annoys me). It's one of those records that should be played solo from the very start, and I've seen Frank De Wulf play two copies of it to lengthen the intro out even more to fine effect.

A1   Prisoners Of Ectasy (Trance Mix)
B1   Ravetasy (New York Techno Mix)
B2   Prisoners Of Ectasy (Garage Mix)

Vinyl Rip _ 320kbps MP3 ...mediafire


  1. i've been hammering this for the last couple of weeks and it just gets better and better, great post, many thanx.

  2. hey Kieran - where have you been hammering it? Do you DJ?

  3. no no, i was just blaring it out a lot in the house for my own enjoyment (and much to the annoyance of the wife and taste!!) i've never even tried to mix 2 records together, i'm quite content to listen and/or dance (badly)

  4. garage mix-incredibly fucking great acid trip yeeeeeeaaaahhh you make my day.