Thursday, November 17, 2011

In Order To Dance, or In Order To Kill

A few years ago, there was a really good blog going InOrderToDance. I think the dude was Canadian - but he posted some really good stuff, mostly out of his own CD collection. If he ever re-posted, he always gave due credit. In the end he got pretty agitated with inane questions from dumb asses about passwords, download errors and the like - (but you sort of have to accept that not everyone is fully clued up about zip files and so on if you want to be a blogger). What really got his goat though was when other spaz buckets started re-upping his posts as their own.
Today I can fully concur.

I don't own anything I post - the original artists have that priviledge - but I've taken the time to dig my old vinyl out, rip it, clean it up a little, normalise it and convert it to easily digestible mp3s for everyone's pleasure.

Now some fuckers (from the same forum that so annoyed InOrderToDance no less) have seen fit to repost my stuff as their own. They've even been defended by other forum members. I'm having a rather pleasant discussion with some of them at the moment... follow it here (you'll need a translater though because they write in Russian). Once again, I can't stop (don't want to stop) cyberspace sharing my uploads - but please don't go and relabel them as your own. Oh, and for anyone who still plans to, go out and find your own music you lazy fucks, because I've got some real corkers lined up to post here and if they find their way in to your posts everyone will know where you got 'em.


  1. arff,
    i think all ripper experienced this kind of mishap.

    unfortunately, you can't prevent this attitude
    People often act strange for a little moment of glory !

    but no doubt, your rips are already entered in the legend :)

    --> your blog is the place to be
    without your comments the story of each records is incomplete

    thanks for this public blog
    thanks for your work,
    music is the key.

  2. not sure if I'm not trying to find a little glory too, Gyp! But yeah, I could get a lot more posted if I didn't bother writing about the tracks, but there's not too much fun in just doing that. Thanks for your support mate.

  3. yer right to be pissed off mate, order to dance was an excellent blog (as is yours)and it was a crying shame to see it go, and all because of some cunts re-posting his work and refusing to stop doing so even when he asked them. i'm sure it's very frustrating for you to now see these same cunts doing the same shit with your posts, and all i can say (and hope) is that you won't let them get to you aswell, we've already lost one great blog to these fuckers and it would be a shame to lose this one too. keep up the good work mate and many thanx for all the cool music.

  4. cheers kieran. have no intention of stopping my posts, especially because some gits from Kazakhstan are messing with my mojo. lots more to come....