Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Coming Hardcore

Now I'm not much for English hardcore, happy hardcore, or any of those other speeded up breakbeat sounds. I never much liked the Prodigy (Android excepted) - I hated Charly from the moment I first heard it and I still do today. To me, most hardcore was derivative, uninspired and pretty stupid; why would I listen to it when I could get down to quality European rave or American techno?

Yet for every rule, there is always the exception.

The original was released in as part of a 4 track EP in 1991, and is nothing more than a pale breakbeat paced imitation of Together's "Hardcore Uproar". I don't remember hearing it when it first came out. But in 1992 it was remixed and re-released on a double A side 12" - the other track being the quite horrendous "Take Me Away".

"I'm Coming Hardcore (Remix)" is really just a clever appropriation of samples, but fuck it is done well. It steals from noisy Belgium rave techno (Set Up System's "Fairy Dust"), the emotional horn melody comes straight from the 1989 New Beat track "We're Gonna Catch You!" by Bizz Nizz (which also provides the 'The rhythm is hot' sample. Tyree's "Hardcore Hip House" gives up the 'I'm Coming Hardcore' hook. Not to mention inspiration from Together's "Hardcore Uproar".

By all rights, it should be a mess; but instead it is a glorious piece of high energy that's guaranteed to bring a peak on and send a dancefloor stupid. It weaves a wonderful line through cheese, euphoria and mindfuck; I remember my good mate Squid (who incidentally provided the name for this blog) almost wetting himself in anticipation as the opening chords poured out of a recovery's speakers back when this track was first out. 

Still a magic track today.

A1 I'm Coming Hardcore (Remix)
A2  I'm Coming Hardcore (Original Mix)
B1  Take Me Away (Sub Bass Mix)
B2  Take Me Away (Original Mix)

Vinyl Rip _ 320kbps MP3 ...mediafire


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